Welcome to the new online store

In the next months i will be offering more online products and services to help meet the requests and needs of my clients.  If you have any items or services that you are interested in, please send me an email at dawn@new-dawn-coaching.com 
The crystal prayer package - $30

This package offers clients a crystal pendant which has been cleared and charged to help balance and connect the wearer to their specific needs. You can request how you would like the crystal to work for you or you can have the crystal sent to you with whatever guidance i receive. 

The package contains a cleared and charged crystal pendant, a personalized prayer to be used with the crystal, a message of guidance, information about your crystal and how to care for it AND 10min of session time to be used with Dawn for support and guidance with the crystal or any other questions you would like to ask.

Home Smudging - $150

This package offers clients a home smudging to clear out negative energy and bring in love and light into the area. This service is offered only locally.

Smudging your sacred space, your home, your office is a very deep and connected metaphysical cleansing.  Any conflict, anger, pain, suffering, illness or evil is absorbed by the sage smoke and is then cleansed from the energy field that surrounds the areas.