Hello All!

After the amazing success of our last Webinar we are so excited to bring you our next one in our series of enjoying better health and creating happiness. 

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to join us live, Thursday, October 9th at 7:30PM EST, for an amazing hour and half Webinar "The 7 C's of Relationships" with Nancy Kennedy.

This amazing webinar will help you to discover and remove obstacles in creating healthy relationships (not just romantic) well as give you some fantastic advice on maintaining the ones you have!
  • Commitment - To Yourself and To Love
  • Connection - To the Universe and your Guidance System
  • Caring - Learn the art of giving AND receiving
  • Communication - Discover listening with an open heart
  • Communion - Learn to Merge your heart with others
  • Containment - Retain your peace even in the face of strife
  • Clearing - Remove those obstacles in your way
Register below and join us for a fun and informative night.

Nancy is a
 multi-talented individual who has spent most of her life in service to others through multiple modalities of holistic healing and spirit work. New York trained reflexology practitioner who  has been practicing and teaching for over 18 years. Nancy is also a non-traditional Reiki Master and teacher.
  Nancy works as a counselor with individuals and is also an ordained minister with All Faiths Seminary International of New York.