Dawn A. Ross, B.Msc., CHLC, CSMC, CLWMS, CWC

Dawn A. Ross  is a Metaphysical Practitioner, Master of Spiritual Guide Connectivity, certified Holistic Life Coach, certified Stress Management Coach, certified Life-Style Weight Management Specialist and Certified Wellness Coach and Practitioner of Energy Work and Self Healing Training. 

Dawn is also an Inspirational Adviser and Your Personal Guide to Manifestation. As a Master Instructor of Unconditional Living and Abundance Training, Dawn's unique skills will help you to realize all that you wish to create.


After years of working abroad in Naturheilung (Natural Healing, Herbology, Alternative and Eastern Medicine), Dawn decided to return to America to bring her skills, knowledge and experience stateside, while continuing to travel around the world to see clients live as well as via skype and telephone.

Currently Dawn focuses much of her time on coaching with clients one on one or as couples, training with large corporations, teaching and mentoring in wellness facilities or traveling and delivering her uniquely humorous and powerful workshops and retreats on such topics as Pathways to Success, Stress Management, Weight Management, Law of Attraction and more. 

For over a decade she has been helping people to find their path, achieve their goals, discover balance and happiness and have fun doing it!

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If you are looking for help starting a physical transformation as well as a mental transformation, look no further! I have been through it myself and i know what it takes to change your body inside and out and to stay that way. Call today and sign up for my for your 6 Session Package to Transformation!!!  561-729-9694

New Dawn Transformational Coaching offers Holistic Life Coaching and Stress Management Coaching for everyone.

Improve Health and Fitness   Weight Loss 

Stress Reduction  Relationships

Life Transitions ●Spiritual Guide Work

Manifest Financial Goals Work/Home Life Balance

Relief from Anxiety Holistic Business Development


Dia de los Muertos/All Saints Day Special!
In honor of this wonderful day -  in which we learn to respect the brief time we have here on this earth, to understand the cycle of life (from birth to death and birth again) and to live each day to the fullest \- I am offering a special for the next 8 days.  (8 the symbol of infinity)

From now until the 12th of October you can purchase one on one sessions for yourself (or someone you love) for only $100!

Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity:


How would you like to ask a question or just receive guidance each day for the next 30 days? 

The Angel Guidance package offers you a message created specifically FOR YOU each day. It can be in response to a question you send me (text, email or call)  or just a general message for the day. The message is found through card work, crystal connection and angelic guidance. Each day just for you. 

Each day i sit and meditate on your energy and your specific needs through metaphysics and kabbalah work. I ask guidance to show me what to do in order to best serve you and your needs. Whether it is health related, relationship, finance, emotional - etc. I will be given the message to share with you..  it can be a card, a task that needs to be followed with information detailed for you or even a message transcribed from your guides directly. 

I am offering this special daily message for only $1 a day. That is $30 for a whole month of guidance. 

YES! I want 30 days
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The New Boca Raton Office at Addison Place

It is with great excitement to welcome everyone to my new office in the Boca Raton, Fl Area.

If you are in the area currently or will be visiting, please consider to book your next appointment in the office.

The space offers a variety of options available to us in a private and serene setting, meditation, chakra balancing, energy healing, crystal readings, even nutrition classes etc. 

So please feel welcome to visit the office on your next trip through the South Florida Area.

You are always welcomed with an open heart full of love  and blessings of peace.

Make your appointment today 561.729.9694